Curb Champ was founded by Eli Davis, who is an eleven year old entrepreneur residing in Georgetown, Texas. Eli is following his dream of serving his local community, owning his own business, and earning money to save for the purchase of his first vehicle, and eventually, college. Eli also looks forward to all the lessons he will learn as a startup business owner, including valuable life lessons in personal finance, time management, personal responsibility, and customer service.

The 10 Benefits of Hiring Curb Champ

Here are 10 benefits of having a company (owned by a local hard working kid) make sure your trash and recycling cans are out and then put away after trash day each week!

  1. Time Saver: Saves homeowners the time and effort of dealing with trash and recycling bins on busy days.

  2. Consistency: Ensures bins are consistently placed out and brought in, preventing missed collection days.

  3. Neat Appearance: Maintains a tidy and organized appearance of the property, enhancing curb appeal.

  4. Convenience: Offers a convenient solution for those with physical limitations or busy schedules.

  5. Community Support: Supports a local, young entrepreneur and fosters a sense of community involvement.

  6. Reliability: Provides a reliable service, reducing the worry of forgetting or being unable to handle the task.

  7. Customized Service: Allows for personalized scheduling and adjustments based on specific needs.

  8. Training and Responsibility: Encourages responsibility and work ethic in a young entrepreneur.

  9. Peace of Mind: Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing this task is taken care of consistently.

  10. Supporting Local Economy: Supports the local economy by investing in a service provided by a local child entrepreneur.

Shooting the First Ever Curb Champ Promo Video

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