Our most popular service is our signature Curbside Magic program. Choose from one of three convenient service plans.

Going Away For a While?

With Our Vacation Magic service, Curb Champ can take out your trash and recycle bins while you’re away.

We also offer mail collection while you’re away, making your property more secure and giving you peace of mind.

Going away for more than one week? No problem! Just select as many weeks as you need when you check out.*

This can be done after you click the green “Buy” button by simply changing the Quantity on your order.

Other Services

Beyond the Curb: Our Suite of Services

Curb Champ isn’t just about curbside service – we offer a range of services to enhance your home and surroundings. Here’s why you’ll want Eli on your team:

  1. Leaf Raking: Embrace the beauty of the seasons without the hassle of leaf cleanup. Eli’s here to keep your yard pristine.

  2. Window Washing: Let the sunshine in with crystal-clear windows. Eli’s meticulous touch ensures streak-free views.

  3. Lite Yard Work: Tackling small yard tasks? Eli’s got it covered, from weeding to basic lawn care.

  4. Organization Help: Need to declutter or organize a space? Eli’s knack for order will transform your living spaces.

  5. Watering Plants: Keep your green friends happy with Eli’s plant-care expertise.

  6. Small Jobs and Tasks: From assembling furniture to handyman tasks, Eli’s ready for any challenge.

Welcome to Curb Champ – Your Local Helper, Eli Davis!

At Curb Champ, we take pride in offering top-notch services tailored to make your life easier and your home more vibrant. Meet Eli Davis, our dedicated young entrepreneur and the brains behind Curb Champ. Eli, a proud resident of the Riverbend neighborhood in Georgetown, Texas, is here to lend a helping hand to his neighbors.

Why Choose Eli and Curb Champ?

  1. Local Love: Eli is a proud Riverbend resident, committed to serving his own community.
  2. Affordable Convenience: Our services are priced with you in mind, ensuring accessibility for all.
  3. Reliability: Eli’s commitment to excellence means you can count on Curb Champ for consistent, reliable service.
  4. Youthful Energy: Eli brings a fresh perspective and youthful energy to every task – turning chores into cheerful accomplishments.

Ready to transform your curb appeal and simplify your life? Contact Eli at Curb Champ today for a free estimate on any of our services. Let’s make your neighborhood shine!

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